Wood Fence Vs Chain Link Fence : Which One Is Best for You?

Fences can be used for many things. From barriers and boundaries to a private patio, you name it. Choosing a fence for your home can be a tricky tasked given the many options to choose from. It is therefore advisable to seek an expert’s advice to help you understand the pros and cons of the various types in your list so that you can make an informed decision. The following is a guide on the factors you should consider when choosing.

Wood Fence Vs Chain Link Fence


I hope I am not alone in this, money matters. Often when you are faced with a choosing situation, the cost factor comes ringing into your mind. Chain link carries the day when you are looking for a cheap fence that can be erected quickly. Wood fences come in different finishes and can easily match with your home. However, to get high quality wood and pressure- treating the wood you may need to dig deeper into your pocket.

Durability and Maintenance

Metal lasts longer than wood. Apart from being galvanized chain link fences are not subject to issues like rot, termites, and mold. The maintenance cost of wooden fences is also higher compared to chain link fences. Besides, once chain-linked fences are installed all that is needed is the occasion removal of rut spots making their maintenance cost very low.


Privacy is a one-sided discussion with the wooden fence having the upper hand no matter the style of wooden fence you use. Wood fences can be constructed in a manner that leaves no gap between the panels. This can also provide some safe zone to pets as they cannot be distracted from outside.


If you live in an area which is prone to high wind conditions, wooden fences might be of greater advantage as compared to their chain link counterparts. The large surface area of the panels or struts acts as a barrier thus reducing the speed and hence impact of the winds in your home.


Chain link fences only differ in terms of size and heights. On the other hand, wooden fences will offer you a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to pick from.

Choosing is a matter of personal choice, but wooden fences happen to be the majorities choice given the added advantages they come with like, allowing your family and guests an easy time at the pool and making your home look classy. If you engage a professional in wooden fencing services, you may get the benefit of enjoying the Red Cedar’s moisture as well as its insect resistance ability, the Oak’s strength and of course the durability and beauty of the Ipe wood.


The choice depends on whatever factor you are basing your decision on. Going with the cost factor, it is chain link while style favors wooden fencing. But like I said earlier, it’s a matter of personal choice. You have the final say and, way too.

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