How to Repair Broken Fence Post?

Posts are prone to damages through rotting and damage from insects that is why you always need to repair them before you lose your fence. However, before you think of anything to do with repairs, you should value yourself first Well how do you safeguard yourself from possible injuries? You need to wear protective gear such as gloves to protect your hands from possible bruises.

Repairing a broken post is a manageable task. It all depends on how the first was erected in the ground and the type of the post. The following are some of the tips on how you can get this job well done.

Examine the posts Why is it necessary to examine the post? Examining the post is the first step to prepare for repair. This is to say that, some fences have its post strengthened using cement especially the corner posts. On the other hand, most of the posts that are used in chain link fences are usually placed in cement.

Remove the fences from the post. You can remove the fence from the post by unscrewing the nails from the fence. This is to allow you to work on the post independently because the fence will not be an obstruction. Furthermore, this gives room to repair the post that was broken.

Lift the post if it is broken at the bottom or if it is loose This is dependent on the extent of breakage of the post. If it is loose enough for you to pull out then proceed and do so if the post is broken at the bottom you can lift it but ensure that no part remains in the hole which the post had been placed. However, if you can’t achieve this don’t panic all you need to do is to proceed to the next step.

Cut the post at the bottom level. You should do this if by any means it will not inconvenience you in the future. Alternatively, determine if cement was used in sealing the hole, if yes start digging around it to provide sufficient space for you to pull out the broken posts.

Remove the old posts When removing the old post, it is far much easy if the hole was not cemented, all you need to do is to shake it back and forth until it loosens. After that, you can you can call a friend to support you in pulling out the post.

Replacement of the broken posts When making replacements, it is essential to choose a new post which has the same height and dimensions with the post that had been broken. Once you have met this requirement dig the hole close to the old hole where you had removed the broken post. Ensure it is thick enough for the new post to fit in well Place the new post in the hole and fill it using gravel or cement depending on your choice.

Thereafter, return the fence which you had dismantled during the repair. By following this simple procedure, you will have achieved your goal, and your fence will be ready to be used again!

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